Comic Strip 12
작성자 : Cloudflame
2012-12-28 03:52:07
Jihae is too fabulous <3 the background roses and sparkle in the picture just makes me laugh ~
작성자 : BebeDoll
2013-02-10 17:14:54
xD Very very cute. So glad I just finished Jihae's route. I love him more after reading the comic! <3
작성자 : Yermogi
2013-03-31 23:51:51
He should just go back into modeling for her. That ways she can paint gorgeous pictures, and he gets to look FABULOUS! Win-win.
작성자 : Velmesh
2014-03-19 15:32:08
XD I'll be honest I was a little sad when Jihae's hair was cut.