missing stamps
Author : apitau
I just played Jieun's route to the end (good end) and I had 33 stamps but for some reason they didn't come there with me so I can't unlock the pretty pictures now.

What could be the reason for this, and is there anyway to get the stamps I collected?

Thank you so much for being so nice to the customers always and helping around. :) I've never before got this kind of experience with games and other things. I have almost played all the routes (last year had to take a year long break because Jiwoo broke my heart totally haha) and every story makes me love (and cry) the game and the characters more and more! Even my sister got the game when she tried it with my computer. :)

edit// oh and in the end of the game when you're going out on weekend to the University Jieun says for some reason to you that "I should be more careful since he's so small.." Thought that you may want to know it.
Author : CodeMonkey
2015-07-03 10:24:37

Actually your issues is mentioned as a sticky notice on this Q&A.


And please follow this guide on the FAQ:

Author : apitau
2015-07-03 21:21:23
Thank you and sorry that I didn't find them by myself. <:D

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