Load Script Error
Author : Arc4d1a
I bought the game now on Steam. Before I played the demo version and all was well. But in the full version when I click "New Game" during the loading appears the writing "Load Script Error: -95. Would you like to load the script again? No takes you to the Title Screen" but when i click "Yes" the writting appears again. What can i do?
Sorry for my bad English but I'm Italian.

After that i write this message I downladed the game by my Steam account on other PC that isn't mine. On the second the game goes well. The biggest difference between the two PC is that the first (where the game doesn't go) have Windows 8.1 and the second (where the game goes) have Windows 7.
Can be this the problem?
Author : CodeMonkey
2015-06-25 10:30:59

The other occurs the Steam sessions are not being saved properly.  Try running the game as admin, or disabling your user access control.

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