The Same Question? You'll are probably annoyed by this one.
Author : CurlyHeadFreak
I know there are no plans for a sequel, but if you consider how large this franchise is behind the darkness, I think you'll see the difference if you did plan to make a sequel. I know there isn't much to go on for a sequel, I  know I'm just assuming, but I feel that if you do finalize it, I have a very good feeling you will become even more popular then you and the rest of the Cheritz Team are, that is just my thoughts on the subject. I feel that each ending is bitter sweet, but they do meet each other again, but it makes fans crave more out of the game producers. The sound track is beautiful, I have even read up on a more translated version of the song "Yet I Can't Stay" and I just tear up just reading the lyrics over and over again. I love three characters out of the five. Jiwoo, Jieun, Jiyeon; To me their endings were perfectly written out and acted superbly. Jieun's especially, I get very emotional over the cut scenes near the end. But the slight comedy brings a smile to my face, and warm fuzzy to make me feel at ease. I have been inspired by many Anime Producing Companies, and Otome Game Producers, and I have found this to be my calling. I plan on making a American Dating Sim Company during collage in late 2016. Please, you don't have too, consider making a sequel
Author : CodeMonkey
2015-05-18 18:33:43

As the Dandelion fan base grows, we will definitely consider it. =D
Author : CurlyHeadFreak
2015-05-19 12:21:33
Thank you Admin-senpai(Japanese honorific) I am very happy you got around to answering my question (ouo). It seems that its been growing exponentially for the past almost three years. It makes my heart go crazy just thinking one day you will come out with a sequel. I know I'm just blabbering, but I can't help it since I am a hermit, and love otome games. I might even right couple of reviews once I get a chance and recommend the games you produce to my followers on Tumblr. Anyway, thank you, I can't wait for you all to consider once the fan base gets more popular, I just get the jitters about it, you guys probably do when you are making a new game. God, I am typing like this is my diary. Thank you all, to all the Cheritz team for bringing this Otome Game to life, it means a lot to a lot of girls who play otome games, even though you guys just started out, doesn't mean you won't become less popular, on contrary I think you all are becoming popular by the day. 

-Love, Curly Head Freak
Author : CodeMonkey
2015-06-05 10:12:10
You're welcome! And thank you for being such an awesome and  supporting fan!

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