Can not click certain things.
Author : Maki
I can't pet, or stare at the animals, since it will not let me click on them once the eye or hand come up. Also I saw a suggestion to hit enter, but that won't work either in the game.
I got through to the point in the story where you can take them out, and I went to the beach, but then my game wouldn't let me click anything, so I was just stuck on the beach scene.
Please help, I can't progress the story, and certain characters if I encounter them, will just stay on that screen since there is nothing I can do.
Author : CodeMonkey
2015-01-06 00:31:17
Are you running on Mac? Can you try updating your OS?
Author : Maki
2015-01-07 12:17:18
I am running on mac, I can try updating the OS

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