Nothing happens
Author : Elle
I'm having a lot of troubles playing this game..
I login and then, when I click play, it doesn't do anything at all.
I tried to play it as administrator but nothing again!
I really wanted to play this game but looks like there's something that doesn't let me TT-TT
I would prefer to play, since I saw from various reviews that it's a beautiful game, but if I can't is it possible to have a refound?
Author : CodeMonkey
2014-12-02 06:59:54

Yes we can issue you a refund, please email us more details and your PayPal transaction number to
Author : Elle
2014-12-04 09:34:21
I tried to download again and again and then it finally worked, so I'm really happy!
Thank you anyway!:)
Author : CodeMonkey
2014-12-09 05:59:11
Glad to hear it worked!

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