English Demo Issue...
Author : daphinteresting
Hiya~ I downloaded the English Demo for Dandelion and everything went smoothly with it, it downloaded and it's on my computer. I can also open it fine and click play new game but every time right when it starts the intro video, it freezes and then crashes, having me to close the game. :( I updated the directx as it suggested me do that, but still with it even up to date, it's doing the same thing and I can't play it. I'm not sure if this is a  problem with my computer or the demo. But I hope it can be fixed as I would like to play the game. :(
Author : mooer
2014-02-14 20:41:12

This is a problem with your graphics card. Follow the steps from the FAQ to try and update your card.

If no update is available you would need to use the software renderer. After you launch the game. Press shift+g and select Software.
Author : daphinteresting
2014-02-15 12:13:48
Thank you! The software renderer fixed the problem~ :D
Author : mooer
2014-02-17 20:15:08
You're welcome!

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