Jiyeon realationship points
Author : BreeaD
Hi,I just have a quick question concerning Jiyeon's route relationship point wise. Um, well I made it to three hearts and 117/125rp but after that Jiyeon is angry with you and leaves the house and almost is never there. Before, I thought it was fine and I just left it alone but....as I played it further and the meter changed to 117/150 I reached a bad end. So I just started over from Dec. 20 when he's still in the house. However, I can't give him gifts and the last interaction with him is locked still....everything beauty and art and feminine wise is satisfied.But how do I get rp if I can't interact with him? Also when I could it stops you from getting more rp once you have 113/113 so yeah...sorry for such a long question. I just need a bit of help. Beautiful game though....I've cried countless times as I played other characters and Jiyeon who has really caught me off guard.
Author : CodeMonkey
2014-02-03 22:43:46

We don't reveal information on how to get good endings. You can find some help from user made guides though.


Good luck!

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