Anti-Virus Deleting installer as soon as I download it?
Author : fluffygreysocks
I just bought the game, and when I go to download from the page my anti-virus pops up saying it's malicious. I am in college and they own the software is something that I have to keep running on my laptop so I am allowed the use to the college wi-fi.

Is there anyway to by pass this? Or does the installer have a virus? I don't think it does, but I've downloaded somethings I thought I would have issues with but this is the first for me.
Author : CodeMonkey
2014-01-26 22:37:26

No, the installer doesn't have any viruses. Is it possible for you to disable your antivirus software temporarily so that you are able to download and install the game?
Author : fluffygreysocks
2014-01-28 14:47:52

Thank you :)
I unfortunately can't disable it but I found a loop hole using the offline installation instructions. My anti-virus didn't pick it up when I did that.
Author : CodeMonkey
2014-01-29 23:30:43
Glad to hear that. Enjoy!

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