Save files
Author : blumercury
I moved my game to my new desktop but I guess the save files saved to my laptop and can't be accessed by the new computer. Is there a file somewhere that I can copy to my desktop or some other way to continue my game from there without starting over? My laptop is getting too old and can't handle the game anymore.
Author : CodeMonkey
2014-01-17 22:26:36
Yes, you're absolutely right. The games save data is saved on your computer on a per user basis. You need to navigate to the save folder location.


Follow the steps here to show hidden files on Mac

And then navigate to MacintoshHD/Users/YOUR NAME/Library/RenPy/dandelion_english/

Copy the dandelion_english folder to the same location of your new computer so that the game can find your old save data.

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