Steam Review Event Winners!

2014-10-28 23:11:15
Hi, everyone!

Thank you so much to those who participated in the Steam review event! Every single review was great, precious, and inspiring. Here are the winners!

Ase*** (Steam Nickname: Ase****9)
Sha** (Steam Nickname: Sh**y)
Noctu**** (Steam Nickname : dark*******ringer)
Fas**** (Steam Nickname : fas*****agi)
shelterk****** (Steam Nickname : hori*****irst)

Best reviewer : lizar***** (Steam Nickname : Demo*****e)

The winners will receive Dandelion & Nameless goods with the provided addresses. Please give it at most a week for the package to cross the big ocean!
We feel sorry that there are only a few winners even though there are so many great and awesome well-written reviews! We have read every single review and now feel motivated to provide you guys with more interesting and fun games that are full of emotions. 

Thank you for all support and we love you all!